Waking up one night at 3:04am little Stevie took a walk.

He noticed 3 others around and about.

There was Harry who could do nothing but play geeeeetar standing on a street corner.

There was Paul looking mean and busting bass lines while giving people suspicious looks.

There was Gizmo, whose rhythmic gyrations were positively titillating.

Little Stevie drugged and dragged them back to his lair. Thus forth, The Blue Screen of Death were formed. I think they still play because Steve makes good cheese on toast.

Alternatively: The full fat version

Or if you're after some press bits: The press pack version

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Fatal Error

The Blue Screen of Death are no more.

After lots of thinking, some arguments and a fist fight they decided to kill BSOD and start again. Details here.

Like a Pokemon, they have evolved into a new even betterer band called

Hercules Morse